My Team

Exceptional service begins with a great team.



Closing Coordinator, Lela Traynor

Lela and “The Document Divas” are fully licensed Realtors who help facilitate your transaction by keeping a tight watch on key dates and tasks to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  They also show properties, attend inspections and closings in the event I am unavailable.

We have got your back!





William Hughes Conkwright NC Fine Art Photographer and Full Stack Web Developer

“The gift of confidence ~ I believe empowering people with confidence is the greatest gift you can give. This philosophy is a cornerstone of my approach to personal and professional relationships. Creating dependency is wrong. I work to free those I who are dependent on anything.”  Will

I really enjoyed working with Will on my first photo shoot! My new professional photos were creative and reflected my personality perfectly. Thank you, Will!



Aryn Baker ~ Minted Spaces Staging and Styling
“Hi! I’m Aryn! Founder and lead stylist of Minted Spaces. Here are a few facts about me and the business:

“Occupied staging is a fancy way to say staging a home you currently live in. We will help you get your home in mint condition so it is appealing to the targeted buyer. Usually, we will use what is already in the home when doing occupied staging, but we have an array of decor and furnishings we can use if needed.”  Aryn

Aryn is so easy to work with and had a lot of great staging ideas. Scheduling appointments was a breeze and she was very punctual. She listened well to questions and answers, was diplomatic with both me and my clients and offered low-cost solutions. Great value.