Bring Amazon to Raleigh! Real Estate Will Soar!

By November 8, 2017

Raleigh is a great candidate for the next Amazon headquarters for many reasons. Can you imagine the major impact it would make economically? If you currently own a home in this beautiful city, you can definitely expect the value of your home to sky rocket with the boom of new jobs and people relocating to the area. It would be fantastic! Bringing Amazon to Raleigh would be a win for all.

New Transit System

RTP a new transit system that will benefit everyone one their daily commute, not to mention the positive impact that public transit can make to a growing metropolitan area. Heavy traffic due to all of the increased population due to massive relocation will feel a relief. Not to mention, the use of this transit would help the environment! Amazon’s presence would totally justify and be supported by the addition of this transit system and help the entire area!

NC Tax Reforms

Favorable tax reforms in recent years make our state a prime choice for businesses and individuals – a win on all levels.  Amazon’s financial picture will improve and the estimated 50,000 new job owners benefit from these reforms.  Local small businesses will thrive and real estate values will improve even further.

Jordan Lake View, Raleigh, NCGreat Place to Live

Raleigh is one of many fast-growing mid-size cities in North Carolina. Over the past 10 years, the population of Raleigh increased by 29.6%, the most of any city in the state other than neighboring Cary, and far more than the 7.1% national population growth rate.  Short winters and glorious fall and spring delight many who want to escape harsh colder climates or stifling heat.  Only 2 hours from numerous beach and mountain destinations, Raleigh offers comfortable and affordable day or weekend getaways.  Our city has a vast system of well maintained Greenway trails for walking, jogging and biking.  Umstead State Park offers further opportunities for hiking, horse back riding, picnicing and special events.  Live music venues are abundant and many are free.  Large scale outdoor concerts to small jazz ensembles, there is something for all tastes.

University System

University Graduate NCHome of NC State, nearby UNC Chapel Hill flagship campus, Wake Forest and top ranked Duke, educational opportunities abound.  The pool of well educated candidates feeds the local job market and help keep our economy strong as well as support an atmospher of family values, inclusion and diversity.  Ranked Number 2 of the top 10 Most Educated Cities by Forbes Magazine last month.  In Raleigh, 50.8% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree, far more than the 31.3% national share.

Bringing Amazon to Raleigh would benefit the city and Amazon. Amazon’s plans are expected to be revealed in 2018.